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At Legacy Estates Limited, we’re passionate about helping you leave a lasting legacy. We know that making savvy investment decisions today can shape a secure and prosperous tomorrow. That’s why we’re here to offer affordable, high-return opportunities that lay the foundation for a lasting heritage.

With an unwavering focus on building your future, our projects are handpicked with precision. We choose strategic locations that not only offer desirable amenities but also serve as gateways to a life filled with convenience. Our value-added projects and prestigious gated estates provide a secure haven, elevating your living experience to new heights.

We firmly believe that the future isn’t left to chance – it’s created through the opportunities we seize and the decisions we make. Join us on an exciting journey towards financial stability and prosperity. Let Legacy Estates Limited be your guiding light, offering the very best in real estate investment options to craft a solid financial future. Start building your legacy today!

Our Mission

To help clients create future fortune through smart and strategic real estate investment.

Our Vision

Enriching lives through affordable, strategic property investment solutions.

Unlock your Legacy, with the trailblazing real estate powerhouse of Kenya. Pioneers in affordable and strategic land sales in Kenya.

Join our mission to build wealth through property ownership. Today’s land ownership is tomorrow’s fortune! Our unwavering commitment lies in delivering superior quality properties at affordable prices, ensuring exceptional value for your hard-earned money and a prosperous future.

No matter if you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned investor, our extensive range of options caters to all budgets and preferences. At Legacy Estates, we guarantee Title Deed ownership, exclusively offering Ready To Transfer (RTT) properties.

We pride ourselves on simplifying investment for Kenyans in the diaspora. Rest assured that our diligent approach only showcases existing properties, safeguarding your precious investment from any uncertainties.


Ready to embark on your journey? Contact our expert Property Consultants today via WhatsApp/Call at +254717411111. Step into the Legacy Estates experience and unveil Your Legacy now!


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Own Your Paradise… Unlock the value and beauty of property ownership

We have the ideal pieces of properties awaiting your vision. With our commitment to quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction, we guarantee a seamless and rewarding experience throughout your property acquisition journey. Contact us today and let us guide you and Explore Our Exclusive Selection of Featured Properties and endless possibilities.


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The staff at Legacy Estates are friendly and very professional. I visited their office and they gave me all the information I needed to start my investment journey. The process was so simple.

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The team at Legacy Estates is both amiable and exceptionally skilled. I had the opportunity to drop by their office, and they provided me with all the necessary details to kickstart my investment endeavor. The entire procedure proved to be remarkably straightforward.